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Amethietstraat 44, Paramaribo-North, Surinam
Telephone: (00597) 457224 Fax: (00597) 457293

Martinus Apartments Paramaribo Surinam

Luxurious, clean, affordable, friendly and just in the right spot. Martinus Apartments in Paramaribo fulfil all these descriptions. Whether you intend to visit us for a short period or a long one, we will make certain that your stay goes by in a relaxed and stressfree way. We realize that some people need a lot of privacy and others like to be surrounded by people. The choice is entirely yours. Because that is the main advantage of an apartment complex over a hotel: nothing is obligatory but anything is possible.


Get to know Martinus Apartments and you will experience how pleasant a stay in Surinam can be.


Martinus Apartments is a real family company. The administrator is a native of Paramaribo. She and her staff make sure that everything is perfect for the guests. They will do everything in their power to make your stay succesfull and enjoyable.



  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Pickup & Return
  • Internetcafe
  • Bike rental