Paramaribo is a delightful city to wander around or bike through. There are many beautiful wooden buildings from the colonial era. The Sint Petrus and Paulus cathedral is the biggest wooden building of South-America and the Caribbean. Waterkant (‘Waterfront’) next to the Suriname river has been declared A world heritage SITE by Unesco.

The Zeelandia fortress, the presidential palace and the zoo are certainly worth a visit. You will be fascinated by the sights, sounds and smells of the many colourful markets

Enormous leatherback seaturtles struggle ashore close to Paramaribo to lay their eggs in the sand. These animals are in danger of extinction but they are well protected in Surinam. Guards keep tourists at a safe distance. They also help newborn babies on their extremely dangerous first trip to the sea.

Surinam teems with wildlife. You can see monkeys. watch parrots fly over, or maybe even take pictures of the very shy jaguar. Orchids of exquisite beauty seem to grow just anywhere. In the sea you’ll find plenty of dolphins and other marine animals. Fishermen can try their luck anywhere on species like piranhas or catfish.

Maroons and indian tribes live in relative isolation in the jungle. Several agencies organize tours to their settlements, which you can admire with mutual curiosity and respect.

You will be bedazzled by the number of foreign restaurants from all over the world that you see in Paramaribo. The Surinam kitchen is as varied as the country itself. Paramaribo has a couple of casino’s and a rich nightlife.

You can cross Surinam walking, by boat, bicycle, car, train or bus. In many places surinamese entrepreneurs have created small paradises for tourists where you can be amidst the biodiversity IN as much luxury as you choose. Ecotourism is on the rise and every day somebody invents a new way of enjoying nature.

And when you think you have seen it all (we can’t imagine) you can make a trip to neighbouring Guyana and French Guyuana. It is possible to visit islands in the Caribbean by boat or airplane.

Surinam however, is most suited to enjoy life, lie in a hammock, stroll around and relax.