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Amethietstraat 44, Paramaribo-North, Surinam
Telephone: (00597) 457224 Fax: (00597) 457293

Visa information

Holders of a Dutch or European Union passport need a visa for Surinam. They can apply for such a visa at the Surinam consulate in Amsterdam. The application is not difficult and normally fast. You have to fill in the application on-line, print it and take it with you to Amsterdam, together with your passport and a colour photograph. You will normally get the visa the same day. The cost is (from) € 40. Most visa are valid for three months.


See the website of the consulate:


If you don't have a Surinam, Dutch or EU passport, please inform yourself carefully about the requirements for a visa.


Suriname has consulates and embassies in the Netherlands, Belgium, The United States (Miami and Washington), Guyana, French Guyana, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, China and Curaçao.